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CrimsonLogic: Applying the magic powder to trade

If governments and, for that matter, traders in Africa were granted one wish to make their lives easier, chances are they would ask for a magic system that would, at the touch of a key, cut through all the jungles of bureaucracy and form filling that blight everyday transactions on the continent.…

Singapore: The Little Red Dot’s balancing act

There is an unspoken rule of thumb when navigating the aromatic labyrinths that are Singapore’s hawker centres: if the queue for a stall is long, then the food must be good.…

ASEACC: Building business champions

One organisation that has been set up to take the full advantage of the position of Singapore in the heart of Africa is the Africa-South East Asia Chamber of Commerce (ASEACC).…

In Conversation: Takao Omori, CEO, Portek

African Business Editor Anver Versi is in conversation with Takao Omori, CEO, Portek
What difference has your inland port in Rwanda made to trade to and from the country?

Vega Foods: Brand with a conscience

The belief that good quality and enjoyable food should not be the preserve only of the affluent but available to all was the starting point of Vega Foods, says the company’s CEO, Vikram Chand.…