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Bridging corporate Africa’s talent gap

New talent is desperately needed to run Africa’s businesses, but many women and young people find themselves shut out of leadership roles. What can be done to unblock the talent pipeline?

Low pupil achievement a growing concern

The next target is to address overcrowded classes, absent or unqualified teachers, poor or nonexistent materials, and curricula based around rote learning.

Mauritius Island of learning

Mauritius Island of learning has its sights on becoming an active player in higher education by providing opportunities for foreign students, targeting mainly African and …

What can Africa learn from Brazil?

What can Africa learn from Brazil? After decades of stagnation, the Latin American country has succeeded, against great odds, to lift a very significant part …

African innovators can lead the world

How does the World Bank view Africa’s galloping push to become a global trendsetter? We put these questions to infoDev, a global innovation and entrepreneurship …