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Why this time Japan means business

From the archive: first published in the July 2013 issue of African Business.TICAD V was always going to be different. It coincided with two vitally important …

Defeating violent extremism is the priority

In an exclusive interview, former JICA Director General Dr Akihiko Tanaka explains what he considers the major challenges that will be  addressed in Nairobi at TICAD VI.

A new chapter – Anime vs Aid

From the archive: this was originally published in the Auguest/September issue of African Business.As I write this, a sectarian battle is raging somewhere in Johannesburg. “Spoilers are …

Japan – Africa: Retying the knot

Globalisation has forced Tokyo to re-evaluate the relevance of African economies and to look beyond the attraction of raw materials.

Bringing Africa to Asia

At the first conference, Japan pledged to increase the proportion of its aid budget that it spends in Africa as successive Japanese governments had previously …