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Airlines hit by African foreign currency crunch

In October 2014, Emirates airline president Tim Clark revealed that the carrier would expand its coverage in Africa by adding 10 new routes by 2025, while boosting its jet fleet by 24 aircraft.…

Outlook 2017: More of the same?

While the presidential election in Ghana did not receive as much global attention as elections in the US and Europe, the West African state’s peaceful contest signaled hope at a time when the continent has been reeling from economic stagnation.…

Oando emerges stronger

Wale Tinubu, founder and CEO of Nigeria’s biggest indigenous energy company, Oando, is quietly confident.

Africa still attractive to investors, says PenCom head

Portfolio flows into Africa may be falling but this marks a readjustment in the way investors interact with the continent, says Chinelo Anohu-Amazu, head of Nigeria’s National Pension Committee (PenCom). …