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Africa still attractive to investors, says PenCom head

Portfolio flows into Africa may be falling but this marks a readjustment in the way investors interact with the continent, says Chinelo Anohu-Amazu, head of Nigeria’s National Pension Committee (PenCom). …

Fixing Nigeria’s “tomato emergency”

Tomatoes have long been a staple of Nigerian cuisine, with traditional dishes like jollof rice and the simple tomato stew relying on this versatile crop.

Buhari weighs up oil reforms

It has been clear for many years that the Nigerian oil and gas industry needed deep-seated reform.…

Startups head to Lagos’s Silicon Valley

Yaba bus stop in Lagos is a hive of activity: bus conductors shouting destinations; second-hand clothes sellers haggling with buyers; rushing feet in a hurry.

Buhari names new finance minister

Muhammadu Buhari has appointed a former investment banker and business consultant as his new finance minister, over seven months after taking the reins of Africa’s largest economy.…