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Startups head to Lagos’s Silicon Valley

Yaba bus stop in Lagos is a hive of activity: bus conductors shouting destinations; second-hand clothes sellers haggling with buyers; rushing feet in a hurry.

Meet Netflix’s African rival

In Kenya’s remote western Siaya County, thousands of cheering villagers crane their necks to watch a bulldozer carve a trench through the red earth.…

Ethiopia’s takeaway army hits the streets

After answering the ringing phone at Acapulco Mexican Grill and Bar in the centre of Addis Ababa, owner Abel Wondowsen scribbles on a pad of paper an order for quesadillas and tacos.

Why North African solar power exports will be a marathon

With the opening of a new solar power plant in Morocco and the announcement of a wave of new projects in other North African states, the idea of a North African solar power industry transmitting energy to Europe and each other is back in the news again.…

Adesina: Africa must look beyond raw materials

Four months after being elected president of the African Development Bank, the hard work leading the continent’s premier development institution is just beginning for Akinwumi Adesina.…

Is Facebook undermining African alternatives?

Africa’s rapidly growing number of smartphone users, now forecast to exceed 360m by 2025, is helping create a more connected continent, with high-profile internet companies now looking to reach this burgeoning population through so-called ‘zero-rated’ services.…

High-speed broadband moves inland

While the idea of leapfrogging land-line infrastructure straight to mobile technology is attractive, it is vital that Africa is connected to the rest of the world by high-capacity subsea cables.…