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Sudan: Lifeline for the banking sector

Sudan, one of the largest countries in the heart of Africa, has been struggling to stay afloat economically since the US imposed crippling trade and investment sanctions in 1997.…

CBN’s Emefiele cracks the whip

Over the last six months, Central Bank of Nigeria governor Godwin Emefiele has not minced his words when putting commercial banks on notice, warning them of the dangers of violating foreign exchange (forex) rules.…

What is behind Africa’s crypto-phobia?

As the use of cryptocurrencies gains momentum, African central banks, gripped by crypto-phobia, are pressing panic buttons, with some taking the easy way out by banning the use and trading in cryptocurrencies in their territories.

Tanzania: Magufuli wielding the big stick

“I will not give any money to failing banks.” In typical style, President John Magufuli has adopted a no-nonsense approach to the troubles of the Tanzanian banking sector.…

Kenya: Is too much regulation stifling growth?

In July, a court temporarily suspended the implementation of a new 0.05% tax on bank transfers above Kshs500,000 ($5,000); a victory for the Kenya Bankers Association (KBA), which took the matter to court.