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At Last, Genuine Devolution Comes Home

Devolution of power from the centre to county level is one of the major achievements of Kenya’s new political dispensation. Next year, after the elections, …

Astonishing Kenya!

Kenya, a country of stunning physical and cultural beauty, continues to astonish. Barely three years after emerging from what Professor Michael Chege, UNDP advisor on …

An Economy On The Move

The IMF has forecast that growth in Ethiopia’s economy over 2011-2105 will average 8.1% a year, the third highest rate in the world after China …

Zenawi: ‘We’re On The Right Track’

Ethiopia is being hailed for its inclusive development model and for its fast economic growth. Its forthright Prime Minister, Meles Zenawi, speaks to New African …

The Root Of Africa

The town today is best known to the outside world for two central aspects of Ethiopian culture, one hidden to the world, the other being …

The Legend Of Sugar Ray Robinson

Randolph Turpin was black and British. Sugar Ray Robinson was black and American. And as both were great boxers and brought honour to their “nations”, …