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Kenya outruns rest of East Africa

Of the five countries that make up the East African Community (EAC) bloc, Kenya’s banks are still the trailblazers in the region, followed by Tanzania, Uganda, Rwanda and Burundi respectively.…

Kenya: Trouble in paradise

Over the last two months, a series of macabre attacks on villages and towns within Lamu County in Kenya’s north coast has resulted in over 100 deaths.…

Faster, cheaper cross-border transactions for EAC

After a dry run to test its efficacy, three members of the five-nation East African Community are now fully engaged in the East African Payment System, which allows cross-border transactions to be made in any of the three currencies without involving intermediary international banks.…

EAC: A pricey cuppa tea

Kenya, Malawi and Rwanda, some of the world’s biggest producers of tea, have joined three other producing nations to form a ‘tea cartel’ that aims to eventually set the international prices of the beverage and control other factors of production.…

Kenya: Fallout from the Westgate horror

The ramifications of the horrific, four-day terrorist siege at the Westgate shopping mall, which gripped news audiences around the world, continue to reverberate to this day.…

Africa’s food champion

Kenya’s Professor Ruth Oniang’o’s passion to ensure that everyone has access to quality nutrition has turned her into a global figure.…