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Demographic change brings down Africa’s veterans

Massive protests by the youthful populations of Algeria and Sudan have led to the downfalls of their ageing rulers, but fundamental reforms are still required in both countries

For millions of young citizens in Sudan and Algeria, the decades-long rule of presidents Omar al-Bashir and Abdelaziz Bouteflika was all they ever knew.…

Buhari promises more of the same for Nigeria

Nigeria’s newly re-elected President Buhari has declared that he will see through his existing policy agenda, but critics fear that failure to change course will lead to economic disaster.…

Huawei rides security concerns

In the US and Europe the Chinese telecoms giant Huawei is coming under pressure over security concerns, but for many African countries the firm remains a critical partner.…

Raising The Steaks: Africa’s booming meat industry

The rapid growth of meat consumption in Africa will provide attractive opportunities for investors, but making production more efficient, protecting the environment and improving the lot of smallholders pose many challenges.…