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The weird worlds of African sci-fi

African sci-fi features all manner of weird and outlandish things, from crime-fighting robots to technological dystopias.…

The reputation game

African public relations is moving on from ‘reputation laundering’ as multinationals and local businesses look for more sophisticated communications.…

Pensions boom sweeps Africa

After decades of neglect, Africa’s pension industry is now showing signs of very robust growth.

Is China changing its spots?

The Chinese Premier, Li Keqiang’s recent visit to four African countries appears to signal a subtle and determined shift in China’s approach to its African operations.…

US – Africa: A brave new beginning?

Although the US has made generous trade concessions to African countries, its companies, with the exception of a few, have been slow to take advantage of the opportunities the new Africa offers.…

Mobiles made in Africa

Since the mobile revolution first began in Africa, there has been discussion of the potential for low-cost, locally made smartphones tailored to the African market.…