Africa Energy Yearbook 2020


African industry’s head turned by renewables

Africa’s energy transition is creating opportunities for industrial users to tap into non-fossil fuel supply sources – delivering greater reliability and improved prices.…

Market reform essential to attract private capital to energy sector

As Africa transitions towards a lower-carbon energy system, reforming market structures in order to mobilise more private capital into energy projects must be a key priority for policymakers, argues Rory Connor

Many African countries have set out ambitious proposals for transitioning to a lower-carbon energy system, particularly through expansion of renewable energy.

The rise of grid-scale renewables in Africa

Sub-Saharan African countries, in general, have been relatively slow to embrace renewable energy, but falling costs are making it increasingly attractive in comparison with more established power sources.

Unclogging Africa’s cities

Many of Africa’s fast-growing cities are taking steps to reduce congestion and pollution, but the problem is becoming increasingly urgent.…

Swedfund targets renewables

Gunilla Nilsson, Senior Investment Manager at Swedfund, talks to us what drives the Swedish development funding institution’s strategy in funding African energy projects

Can you explain Swedfund’s mandate in supporting African energy projects?

Off-grid power takes off in Africa

The social and economic benefits of off-grid electricity are being felt across the continent, as Ian Lewis explains

Africa’s leaders are learning to love off-grid renewable energy.

Private sector acquires a taste for African power

Private sector investment in Africa’s power sector is growing in leaps and bounds, as James Gavin reports

Over recent years, private investors have started to scale up their involvement in the sector.…