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Is fintech in Kenya too successful?

Kenya’s fintech revolution has helped the country achieve near total financial inclusion, but are consumers really benefiting and are they adequately protected?

Capitalism with a conscience?

There is little doubt that a more ethical, more environmentally friendly movement is sweeping the world and changing the way companies view and conduct their business.

Co-guarantee platform to de-risk African projects

Africa’s first co-guarantee platform, created by the African Development Bank, the Islamic Corporation for the Insurance of Investment & Export Credit (ICIEC) and other major organisations, is now operational.

World first for Seychelles Exchange

In 2019, the national securities exchange of Seychelles was the first regulated exchange to list digital tokens representing shares in the company that owns the exchange.…

Zambia Forestry breaks six-year Lusaka Exchange drought

Tom Minney explains why Zambia Forestry and Forest Industries Corporation’s February listing brought relief to the Lusaka Securities Exchange

Zambia Forestry and Forest Industries Corporation Ltd broke a six-year listing drought and brought welcome relief to the Lusaka Securities Exchange on 12 February.…