Call for Nominations Members of the Appeals Panel Disclosure and Access to Information Policy

Call for Nominations Members of the Appeals Panel Disclosure and Access to Information Policy

Call for Nominations Members of the Appeals Panel Disclosure and Access to Information Policy

The African Development Bank Group (the”Bank Group”) Disclosure and Access to Information (DAI)

Policy re-affirms the commitment of all Bank Group entities and staff to the principles of good governance, particularly transparency, accountability, increased access to information and active communication.

In furtherance of this, under the DAI Policy, members of the public may request a review of Bank’s decisions to deny their requests for information through a 2-stage appeals process. The first stage of the review is conducted by the Bank Group Information Disclosure Committee (IDC), constituted by members of Management of the Bank.

The second stage is conducted by an Appeals Panel constituted by three persons, at least two of whom shall be external to the Bank. The Appeals Panel reports directly to the President of the Bank Group and functions independently of the IDC. Its mandate does not how ever extend to Bank Group decisions concerning requests to override the provisions of the DAI Policy. The decisions of the Appeals Panel are final and the remedy, where applicable, will be to provide requested information to the requester.

The Bank Group here by calls for nominations of suitably qualified individuals to serve on the Panel. The candidates should have extensive experience dealing with issues of governance, transparency, access to information and related-matters. They should have a good working knowledge of freedom of information policies from a national, regional or international perspective, a good understanding of the functioning of multilateral development finance institutions, and independent judgement and demonstrated integrity.

Preference will be given to candidates who are fluent in either English or French, with a good working knowledge of the other language. African experience will also be considered favourably during the evaluation process. Citizenship of a member state of the African Development Bank is mandatory.

Successful candidates will be appointed by the President of the Bank Group, in consultation with the Boards of Directors, to serve on a case by case basis for a term of two (2) years – term renewable once.

Nominations should be addressed by December 31st 2013 to Ms. Cecilia Akintomide, Vice President Secretary General, African Development Bank.

Mail: African Development Bank,
Agence Temporaire de Relocalisation,
Avenue du Ghana,
Angle Rues Hedi Nouira & Pierre de Coubertin,
B.P. 323 Tunis, 1002 Tunis Belvedere, Tunisia.
Tel: (216)71102005;Fax:(216)71103751;

Only nominations received by December 31st, 2013 will be considered.

Information on the DAI Policy can be found at

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