A British company erases negative information on Internet for African citizens

A British company erases negative information on Internet for African citizens

A British company erases negative information on Internet for African citizens

Eliminalia guarantees worldwide that any internet data is deleted”

We have heard a lot about Eliminalia in different continents, we know that you have worked to eliminate negative information from very important people and even for governments, protecting online reputation of your clients from articles published on Google and Social Networks.

What is Eliminalia?

Eliminalia is a company that started its activities in 2011 and is specialized in protecting the reputation of citizens, businessmen, public figures or government entities. We have developed a worldwide business with physically offices in over 9 countries and with clients on the 5 continents. Especially strong in European, North-Central-South America, Australia and East- Asia markets and developing operations in Africa from 2 years ago, we are looking to help wider gamma of African clients.

What do your services consist of?

 Eliminalia offers different services; Erasing Internet’s content and protecting on a daily basis our client’s reputation from negative information that may appear on Google or social media. Due to Eliminalia’ s protection, it prevents any content to become viral.

How do you delete information from the Internet, Google and Social Networks?

It is the question that we most want to hear, we always say that this question is like to ask the Coca Cola company about the formula, how it produces this magical drink that millions of people consume every day. Eliminalia has several tools and removal techniques, making the negative information disappear within the first 24 hours. If our client is a government, we can get the information removed within the first 2 hours since the negative content is located. Eliminalia gathers a wide team of professionals specialized on different sort of clients and based on them, we stablish the best approach for them.

Is there any regulation in Africa that regulates disposal?

No. Currently, Africa does not have legislation that regulates the contents on the Internet or the privacy of its citizens of information published by third parties. For example, in Europe there is the right to be forgotten, which regulates in a “significant” way some content, not all, but some. In other countries there are data protection agencies where you can send a complaint if you consider that your private data such as: name, surname and even photographs are being disclosed without your authorization.

Eliminalia has presented proposed laws in other countries for data protection regulation?

Yes. Eliminalia has collaborated with different deputies from Mexico, Argentina and other countries, where we have had the possibility of presenting a draft law. This draft law, in general, are clear guidelines on how a data breach by the government must be tackled, where economic and technical sanctions are described about how should be applied to the people and businesses that fail to comply with this regulations.

So, could a law proposal for Africa be prepared and presented?

Yes. Eliminalia could help the government of Africa, in the preparation of administrative and technical agencies that are responsible for regulating and addressing any breach of private data.

How many clients does Eliminalia have worldwide?

Eliminalia has clients with more than 100 different nationalities, erasing negative content in any language and from any country on Internet. Eliminalia has thousands of satisfied customers worldwide.

What sort of clients do you have?

Due to confidentiality issues, we cannot give information about our clients. We have a confidentiality agreement signed with all our clients, and it would be absurd for a client to whom we have deleted information to now publish information about himself.

How much does it cost to delete information from the Internet?

All clients are treated in a personalized way, we review each URL client by client and we issue a report of the reputation of the client on the Internet. Based on typology of the negative information and liability of the case, a personalized budget will be delivered, where we indicate the price and deadline for the project to be achieved. The quotation will be related to the typology of the information, the source and the client’s profile.

Is it true that banks use Google to cancel bank accounts to their customers?

Yes. There are databases such as: World Check, Dow Jones or Pythagoras, which consist of databases installed as software in the money laundering control departments of central banks. If your name is in that database then you have no chance of having a quiet financial reputation, as each transaction that the client wants to make will have to justify it unlike other clients that are not in those databases. Being in a database of this type implies that the bank can cancel your bank account and not allow you to open a new bank account in other banks because it is an “unfit” customer and does not comply with the international “ethics” of monetary control. This database is fed with public information, information from press articles, blogs, social networks, etc. If someone is mentioning on the Internet that you have been implicate on money laundering or corruption, then your name will be automatically entered into these databases. Eliminalia removes information from these databases to ensure that our clients can defend their interests regardless of what is about on the Internet. Unfortunately, the Fake News often comes from unknown sources whether the information published about a client on the Internet is really true or false with the aim of discrediting an entrepreneur or a competitor.

This article is sponsored by Eliminalia. Eliminalia is a company that specializes in tracking and deleting Internet data: information, articles, comments, etc. The company monitors all the links related to you or your company 24 hours a day. Its search engine teams surf the web every day, in the main search engines, hunting for any comments, news, or articles about you or your business. Eliminalia informs costumers immediately and then proceed to its elimination.

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