Mares: Supplying industry in Africa and beyond

Mares: Supplying industry in Africa and beyond

Founded in 1975, MARES is an owner-managed company that offers spare parts and technical equipment for ships and industrial plants.

The Hamburg-based company employs about 70 people from diverse backgrounds and cultures.

More than a quarter of all employees have at least one parent who is not of German descent, and about one-third are women. The average age of employees is 35.

They can serve their customers in more than 10 different languages, supplying more than 400,000 spare parts from numerous engine brand manufacturers to approximately 800 customers in more than 75 countries.

A high focus on customers, as well as transparency in dealing with all their suppliers, remains front of mind. MARES is always looking for the highest quality and an outstanding cost-benefit ratio for its customers.

The more established markets are Germany, the US, Singapore, the Netherlands, China, Great Britain and France, with the African continent quickly becoming the new focus area for the German-based team.

Over the past few years, MARES has expanded its reach from primarily
focusing on the shipping industry to include other areas, such as the mining sector and power plants. Its goal is to expand these markets continuously with the collaboration of alliance partners who often are based in-country.

MARES has also reached an agreement with QuantiParts – a wholly owned Wärtsilä company – to become its official distributor in East and Southern Africa for a number of its in-house brands.

As a one-stop supplier, MARES’ spectrum of spare parts ranges from diesel engines, compressors, separators, pumps, plate heat exchangers to water treatment plants.

Its network of manufacturers and suppliers has grown significantly and its scalability to move volume has provided further discounts from a range of suppliers, which is passed on to all MARES customers.

This is one of the reasons why its slogan reads: ‘Quality pays off’. These principles are very much part of its DNA and would address companies with increased cost concerns that operate in tough economic conditions, but do not want to compromise on quality.

In a nutshell, MARES, with its highly experienced technical and logistic teams, excellent stockholding of critical spares, a database comprising several hundred thousand articles and an agile team that is fully dedicated to offer quick turnaround times for all customers, has positioned itself to be the go-to partners for all your spare part requirements. 

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