Africa on wheels: the continent’s auto market

What exactly is the state of the auto market in Africa? Which brands rule the roost? And how is Africa’s own local manufacturing and assembly industry faring? Sherelle Jacobs has been assiduously researching the subject; here is her report.

Manufacturing industry: Made in Africa

South Africa’s car manufacturing industry has experienced mixed progress over recent years. Between 1995 and 2010, the quality and productivity of the industry has improved overall.

Is a luxury car in Africa an oxymoron?

Although being able to offer competitively priced, affordable models will be key to the success of automobile firms in Africa, the continent has become a promising market for luxury cars.

Nigeria oil industry: Indigenous companies come to the fore

The government of Nigeria is particularly keen to promote the participation of Nigerians in the country’s oil industry, whether as skilled workers employed by foreign firms, or via domestic companies competing against the majors in their own right.