Angola’s urban transformation

Angola’s urban transformation

The land question in Angola, as it is in many African countries, is a sensitive issue. What is the current land policy in Angola, particularly in terms of construction?

The national policy concerning land has, as priorities among other factors, the promotion of national and foreign private investment, working in a sustainable manner and without prejudicing the resident population and local interests.

The right to property is enshrined in the Constitution of the Republic of Angola and in the Lands Law; these legal instruments recognise and guarantee the right to private property on the land. In addition to this, public or private collectives and private individuals are equally granted the right to build, the right to useful civil domain, the right of customary use domain and the right to occupy. However, the rights to full private property is only granted to national citizens.

Angola will be hosting the 2nd Africa Urban Investment Forum in Luanda in January. The planned urban development of Africa is critical, so this Forum will be of massive interest all over the continent. Can you give us some more details about who will be coming and what outcomes are expected?

This critical forum is being organised by the Ministry for Urbanism and Habitat, the United Cities and Local Government (UCLG) and IC Events, a sister company to the publishers of this magazine.

A wide variety of stakeholders, including politicians, city planners, mayors, investors, building and construction professionals, academics and others of like ilk will participate in the  Forum. As you say, urban development in Africa is an urgent and very significant issue in Africa today so there is a great deal of interest both within and without the continent.

We believe the Forum will be an excellent platform to attract infrastructure investment, not only for Angola but also for the rest of the continent. It will also be a tremendous
opportunity to exchange experiences and share the sort of best practices that can be adopted by the different countries


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