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Africa’s Top 250 Companies: East Africa

In our survey of Eastern Africa’s Top 25 firms, Safaricom has overtaken East African Breweries as the biggest company in the region. Its value has jumped from $2.8bn in 2013 to $5.7bn in this year’s regional table. As a result, it has moved up from 45th to 26th in our pan-African Top 250.

Africa’s Top 250 Companies: Construction

Increased construction activity is a sure sign of economic growth. Judging by the number of high-profile city centre projects and new cement plants under construction, …

Africa’s Top 250 Comapnies: Banking

African banks and offshoots of international banks registered in Africa fill the rankings of our table but there is certainly plenty of scope for further …

Africa’s Top 250 Companies

Our survey of Africa’s Top 250 Companies highlights the progress being made by dozens of ambitious firms spread across the face of the continent. This …