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Anver Versi, former Editor, African Business

When word leaked out that Anver Versi was leaving IC Publications – his ‘work, life and home’ for 30 years as he put it – many people he has worked with over the years sent us their tributes to him.…

A silver lining to the oil cloud?

I, Anver Versi, Editor, African Business magazine has just spent two and a half weeks on assignment in Angola where I was amazed at the ambition and scale of developments taking place just a dozen years after the end of one of the most protracted and brutal civil wars in the history of modern Africa.…

Angola’s urban transformation

Angola’s Minister for Urbanism and Habitat, Jose Antonio Maria da Conceiçao Silva , discusses his country’s ambitious undertaking to completely transform its urban landscape, with African Business Editor, Anver Versi.

Sata and the Chinese

African Business joins millions of Zambians in mourning the death in office of Michael Sata.…