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‘A partnership between banks and fintechs is a win-win situation’

Standard Chartered’s Regional CEO Sunil Kaushal talks to Dianna Games about Africa’s prospects for growth in 2020, the bank’s sustainability strategy and how it is capitalising on digital trends

Standard Chartered is optimistic about the opportunities for growth in 2020 and beyond as it moves into a future-ready space, embracing sustainable finance and digital banking alongside other profitable enterprise.

Book Review: Charisma and contradiction

Julia Lovell’s study of Maoism has relevance not only for history buffs, but also for those interested in understanding Chinese policy in the current age of US-China superpower tension.

China’s new silk road gets off the mark

With its placid waters, expansive lakeside villas and towering mountains, the plush resort of Yanqi Lake offers an unassuming location from which to launch China’s bid for international hegemony.…