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Banks take on fintech for the youth market

Traditional banks have launched a spirited and highly innovative fightback against fintech payments service platforms that have been eating into their market share.

Crypto and Blockchain in Africa with ConsenSys

Listen to African Business Podcast 5: “Crypto and Blockchain in Africa with ConsenSys”

In the fifth edition of the African Business Podcasts, the editor of African Business magazine, David Thomas, and podcast host, Desné Masie, discuss the first UK-Africa Summit in London, and the highlights of this month’s issue of African Business magazine, especially developments in Sudan and in Francophone West Africa  around the new eco currency.

West African regional bourse reaches out to SMEs

Edoh Kossi Amenounve, CEO of the Bourse Régionale des Valeurs Mobilières (BRVM), talks to Hichem Ben Yaïche about the role of this West African stock exchange in financing the regional economy.…

Ubuntu Coin: A gold-backed crypto currency for Africa

African entrepreneur Mamadou Kwidjim Toure is launching a gold-backed cryptocurrency that he hopes will help even out the constantly fluctuating values of local African currencies and connect more Africans to global markets.

What is behind Africa’s crypto-phobia?

As the use of cryptocurrencies gains momentum, African central banks, gripped by crypto-phobia, are pressing panic buttons, with some taking the easy way out by banning the use and trading in cryptocurrencies in their territories.

Blockchain disruptors set sights on Africa

From funding atrocities in Sierra Leone to fuelling civil conflict in the Central African Republic, few of Africa’s valuable resources are as closely tied to violence and war as the diamond.  …

How Will Blockchain Change Africa?

A number of countries in Africa have seen rapid technological development in recent years, as exemplified by mobile internet deployment across Uganda and Tanzania.…