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Career development: I want to work in Africa

Making a career move to Africa could be the best decision you ever make – or it could be a poor choice that sets you back and leaves you bitter and frustrated.…

The South’s new power

Making sense of the new world order is crucially important for business leaders.…

Winner Take All: Dambisa Moyo

Dambisa Moyo’s third book tackles three broad themes: the economic implications of China’s ascendancy as the lead buyer of the world’s resources; the country’s growing financial reach; and the social and political implications of China’s quest for resources.

Restless Nation: William Gumede

This is a book that draws together a number of articles penned by William Gumede, reflecting his serious concerns over the social, political and economic direction that has been taken by post-apartheid South Africa.

Coltan: Michael Nest

Just one of many resources that the DR Congo has in abundance, coltan, has received an unprecedented amount of attention from Western-based NGOs.