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The South’s new power

Making sense of the new world order is crucially important for business leaders.…

Winner Take All: Dambisa Moyo

Dambisa Moyo’s third book tackles three broad themes: the economic implications of China’s ascendancy as the lead buyer of the world’s resources; the country’s growing financial reach; and the social and political implications of China’s quest for resources.

Restless Nation: William Gumede

This is a book that draws together a number of articles penned by William Gumede, reflecting his serious concerns over the social, political and economic direction that has been taken by post-apartheid South Africa.

Coltan: Michael Nest

Just one of many resources that the DR Congo has in abundance, coltan, has received an unprecedented amount of attention from Western-based NGOs.

Simon Lack: The Hedge Fund Mirage

It is one of the financial world’s strangest anomalies that there are neither regulatory nor legal definitions of what constitutes a hedge fund.