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Gaia rights – A view of life

James Lovelock has a wholly justified reputation as one of science’s most visionary, and controversial, thinkers.…

Speed the essence, time is money

High-frequency trading could be as perplexing to the average reader as quantum physics is to a five-year-old, but Michael Lewis does an excellent job of explaining this phenomena through the story of one young professional trader, Brad Katsuyama, in Flash Boys Cracking the Money Code.

William Easterly – The Tyranny of Experts

This book has a huge sweep, both geographically and historically, but is essentially a thesis that proposes that autocratic development exponents – whether benevolent or otherwise, whether populist or otherwise – have regularly failed the world’s poor.…

Pinning down a fast-moving target

Africa analyst Dr Duncan Clarke, Nigerian business leader Tony Elumelu, economic commentator Greg Mills of the Brenthurst Foundation, South African publisher Khanyi Dhlomo and Africa branding expert Doug de Villiers all contribute to this very special book, each in their inimitable way.…