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China-Africa relations enter new era as easy money dries up

China has lent over $150bn to African countries in nearly two decades, but as concerns mount over repayment, the nature of the China-Africa relationship is set to change for good, writes David Thomas 

As the Chinese authorities scrambled to respond to Beijing’s first coronavirus outbreak in 50 days in mid-June, locking down residential compounds and sealing off a seafood market after at least 200 fell ill, an unruffled President Xi Jinping broadcast to African leaders to express solidarity in their own fight against the virus.  …

China-Africa relations with Jinny Yan, Chief China Economist, ICBC Standard Bank

Listen to African Business Podcast 13: China-Africa relations with Jinny Yan, Chief China Economist, ICBC Standard Bank

Following the annual Two Sessions meetings of China’s top leaders at the end of May and the extraordinary China-AU Summit on 17 June, host Desné Masie invites our special guest Jinny Yan, chief China economist at ICBC Standard Bank, to discuss the effect of Covid-19 on China’s economic and political relationship with Africa as well as the global economic outlook.

Turkish construction companies help to move Africa forward

The reputation of Turkish building contractors for quality and meeting deadlines is increasing on the continent, and with good reason, as NJ Ayuk explains

China has been Africa’s biggest builder the past two decades, creating $470bn worth of roads, rail lines, ports, airports, oil, gas and power facilities, pipelines, office buildings and other projects in 2018 alone.…

Book Review: Charisma and contradiction

Julia Lovell’s study of Maoism has relevance not only for history buffs, but also for those interested in understanding Chinese policy in the current age of US-China superpower tension.

Sierra Leone moves to combat overfishing

In April, Sierra Leone imposed a one-month ban on industrial fishing to protect its marine resources, but only coordinated international action can properly protect West Africa’s endangered fish stocks.

Kenya vs Tanzania: A tale of two railways

As Kenya and Tanzania compete to capture East Africa’s inland trade, rail links from their main ports are playing an increasingly important role, as Tom Collins reports.