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Kenya vs Tanzania: A tale of two railways

As Kenya and Tanzania compete to capture East Africa’s inland trade, rail links from their main ports are playing an increasingly important role, as Tom Collins reports.

Africa nervously eyes Trump’s trade war

After a phony war stretching to the earliest days of his presidency, Donald Trump fired off the loudest salvo yet in his trade battle with China in July.

Should we care about aid transparency?

The Asian Development Bank (ADB) is the world’s most honest development agency, according to the 2018 Aid Transparency Index, released in June.…

Should development trump democracy?

Since leaving office in 2015, former Nigerian finance minister Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala has proved a dogged critic of Africa’s status quo, advocating for climate change action, scientific progress and economic development while highlighting the iniquities of corruption and misrule in many African states.…

How much does Trump care about Africa?

Imid-March, shortly after his return from Abuja, his last stop on a five-nation African tour, Rex Tillerson learned that US President Donald Trump had dismissed him as secretary of state via Twitter.…

Can South Africa afford free higher education?

In December, South Africa’s former president Jacob Zuma announced that the government would introduce free higher education for poor and working-class students from 2018.…