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Adding value is way forward for cocoa producers

Many cocoa producing countries still rely on exporting raw beans, but local processing and encouraging local consumption offer the chance to build up revenues and create employment.…

Has Africa learned its lesson on debt?

Thirteen years after the debt relief movement saw billions in unsustainable public borrowing written off by Western creditors, there are worrying signs that African economies could be lurching towards another crisis.…

“There is no lack of ambitious plans. It is in implementation that Africa falls short,” Dolika Banda, CEO at ARC

When you have scaled the heights of both the US and Europe’s financial sector, risen through the ranks of the world’s principle development finance institutions, been a director at the largest pan-African bank, and steered the Africa department at Britain’s most important investment corporation, you might be forgiven for deciding, at some point, to rest on your laurels and take a prolonged break.

Why don’t African resource exporters collaborate more?

In mid April Ghana and Côte d’Ivoire announced plans to coordinate their cocoa production strategies to combat price volatility following a meeting between the two countries’ respective cocoa boards in Abidjan.…