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Has government seen the light?

At long last, the South African government appears to be prepared to abandon euphemisms to cover up the country’s dire power situation and actually try to tackle the problem.…

Malawi: Little sachets of evil?

The Malawian government is facing down pressure from civil society to ban the sale of cheap and potent sachets of liquor, which campaigners believe is contributing to problems in health and education, reports Lameck Masina.…

Nigeria: Belt-tightening time again

The current slump in the price of oil in the global market has forced the Nigerian government to announce austerity measures aimed at cushioning its impact on the economy.…

For whom the bell tolls

The government’s hopes that imposing tolls on Gauteng province’s expressway network would raise the funding needed to revamp the province’s roads have turned into ashes.

How Nigeria beat Ebola

Nigeria has shown that with knowledge, rapid and coordinated interventions and painstaking follow-up, the deadly Ebola virus can not only be stopped in its tracks, it can be vanquished.

Ghana’s economy: A cabinet full of bitter pills

There was clear relief when the Ghanaian currency, the cedi, eventually stopped its alarming slide in September but few are convinced that the economy, which has been limping badly, is on the mend.

Kenya: Tea – Brewing up a bitter cup

Kenya is the world’s largest exporter of tea and the crop earns the country a fair share of its foreign income but the industry is unhappy.

Profile: Aig-Imoukhuede

Before his current position as president of the NSE, Aig-Imoukhuede was considered one of the strongest candidates to succeed Lamido Sanusi, the immediate past governor of Nigeria’s Central bank and now Emir of Kano.