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Is the Pharmaceutical industry in Africa fit for purpose?

Africa carries around 24% of the global disease and illness burden but its pharmaceutical industry is worth less than 1% of this $857bn global industry.While the amount that is spent on healthcare in Africa is rising rapidly, access to medicine is often a matter of life and death, and demand is not based on choice but on absolute need.

For whom the bell tolls

The government’s hopes that imposing tolls on Gauteng province’s expressway network would raise the funding needed to revamp the province’s roads have turned into ashes.

Pharma chains on the way

While pharmacy chain stores are a common sight on the high streets of the US, UK or Japan, they are few and far between in most African countries.…

The battle for African generics

Estimates vary but about half of all state health spending in sub-Saharan Africa goes on drugs, so pricing has a massive impact on the ability of health services to save and protect lives.…

How Nigeria beat Ebola

Nigeria has shown that with knowledge, rapid and coordinated interventions and painstaking follow-up, the deadly Ebola virus can not only be stopped in its tracks, it can be vanquished.