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Sierra Leone’s diamond industry must be reformed

Diamond smuggling has to be curbed and official corruption weeded out if the citizens of Sierra Leone are to benefit from their country’s natural resources, argues Julian Lahai Samboma.

Botswana: next diamond capital of the world?

In a secure facility on the edge of Gaborone, protected by towering walls and rifle-toting guards, an international team of experts sift through thousands of rough diamonds from the rich seams of Botswana.…

Can Botswana’s prosperity last?

In Gaborone, Botswana’s peaceful capital rarely noted for its exuberant patriotic displays, an unexpected sight greets motorists on one of the city’s main thoroughfares.…

De Beers to sell Kimberley mine

De Beers is looking to sell its second largest diamond-producing mine in South Africa, breaking a link with the historic town where the company was founded in 1888.…

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Slow 2012 but outlook is promising

Copper prices have roughly oscillated between $7,500 per tonne and $8,500 per tonne, near enough averaging where they greeted the New Year at $8,000 per tonne.…