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Africa nervously eyes Trump’s trade war

After a phony war stretching to the earliest days of his presidency, Donald Trump fired off the loudest salvo yet in his trade battle with China in July.

Tariffs exacerbate US-South Africa rift

Four years into a presidency rich in bilateral visits, US President Barack Obama and his entourage finally landed in South Africa in June 2013.

How much does Trump care about Africa?

Imid-March, shortly after his return from Abuja, his last stop on a five-nation African tour, Rex Tillerson learned that US President Donald Trump had dismissed him as secretary of state via Twitter.…

Trump’s Paris pullout sparks African concern

President Donald Trump has confirmed that he will pull the US out of the historic Paris Climate Agreement, striking a potentially critical blow to Africa’s battle against climate change.…

Will Trump set back Africa’s energy drive?

Following the election of real estate mogul Donald Trump as US President in the 2016 general election, Africans are asking what his policy for the continent will be.…

Analysis: China’s Davos push builds on African ambitions

For the international business elite gathering for their annual shindig on the slopes of Davos, the sight of a Chinese leader presenting himself as a champion of global trade and a guarantor of free markets was an unlikely, if welcome, event.  …