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Covid-19 accelerates Africa’s digital transformation

The pandemic has been a tough time for Africa’s online businesses, but in the long-run it may help them find another gear, writes Liam Taylor in Kampala 

The Covid-19 crisis brought many challenges to Tony Ayebare’s meat business, but it also came with a lesson: “it has taught us how to adapt”.…

Old vehicles offer new opportunities for Cars45

The used-car market is driving car ownership in Africa, and digital firms such as Nigeria’s Cars45 are helping to make the retail market organised, fast, transparent and hassle-free, as Linus Unah reports.

Alibaba tests water with e-commerce initiatives

Chinese e-commerce giant Alibaba has a relatively light commercial footprint in Africa, but its moves to encourage digital entrepreneurship on the continent may hint at future expansion, as David Thomas reports.

Cover Story: The Enormous Potential of Fintech

Looking back, it is amazing to realise how one technological leap could have had such a profound effect on people’s lives and brought about such a massive change in economic behaviour in such a short time.