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Liberia: palm oil to become key export

The Liberian government predicts that palm oil will replace iron ore as one of the country’s main export commodities after prices for the base metal collapsed over the past three years.…

Liberia to raise $1.3bn to boost economy

Liberia will attempt to raise $1.3bn to boost the economy following the 2014 Ebola epidemic and a decline in its key export commodities, according to the finance minister. …

Liberia and Sierra Leone rebuilding after Ebola

The Ebola outbreak may well be the best-known crisis to befall Liberia and Sierra Leone but the global collapse in commodity prices has hampered their economies even harder, with a drop in growth of over 20% in Sierra Leone and stagnation in Liberia.

How Nigeria beat Ebola

Nigeria has shown that with knowledge, rapid and coordinated interventions and painstaking follow-up, the deadly Ebola virus can not only be stopped in its tracks, it can be vanquished.

The economic impact of Ebola

While it is still too early to be able to count the cost of the Ebola epidemic on the economies of the three West African countries effected, there is little doubt that the impact will be dire.