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Covid-19 accelerates Africa’s digital transformation

The pandemic has been a tough time for Africa’s online businesses, but in the long-run it may help them find another gear, writes Liam Taylor in Kampala 

The Covid-19 crisis brought many challenges to Tony Ayebare’s meat business, but it also came with a lesson: “it has taught us how to adapt”.…

‘A partnership between banks and fintechs is a win-win situation’

Standard Chartered’s Regional CEO Sunil Kaushal talks to Dianna Games about Africa’s prospects for growth in 2020, the bank’s sustainability strategy and how it is capitalising on digital trends

Standard Chartered is optimistic about the opportunities for growth in 2020 and beyond as it moves into a future-ready space, embracing sustainable finance and digital banking alongside other profitable enterprise.

Is fintech in Kenya too successful?

Kenya’s fintech revolution has helped the country achieve near total financial inclusion, but are consumers really benefiting and are they adequately protected?

Funding for tech startups up 74%

Nigeria and Kenya were the top destinations for tech funding in Africa but other countries are catching up in another record year for deals.…

Banks take on fintech for the youth market

Traditional banks have launched a spirited and highly innovative fightback against fintech payments service platforms that have been eating into their market share.