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West African iron boom turns to bust

A slump in the price of iron ore has forced several junior miners to the wall.  Twelve months ago, West Africa was in the middle …

Aluminium prices soar

Indonesia’s ban on the export of raw bauxite, used to make aluminium, and the auto industry opting to use the metal instead of steel is …

Guinea bauxite reserves: Aluminium, down but not out

Guinea bauxite reserves: Aluminium, down but not out. With prices in the doldrums, the aluminium industry has had little cheer of late. But the future may be a lot more positive for Africa’s players in this market. MJ Morgan reports.

End in sight for river water wars

Most rivers run through several countries and are of the greatest economic interest to each of the countries. No wonder disputes over the use of …

Can Banjul fill West Africa gap?

The busy and lucrative West African aviation space is dominated by foreign airlines at present as African carriers are too small and fragmented to properly …

All Roads Lead To Guinea

Guinea is set to become the world’s third-largest iron ore producer, behind giants Australia and Brazil, as investments of billions of dollars pour in.