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Nigerian tech steps up to boost coronavirus testing

Covid-19 has stretched Nigeria’s health system and the country has lagged behind in its capacity to test for the virus, but tech companies are helping to find solutions, as Linus Unah reports

For over a decade, tech startups in Nigeria’s commercial capital of Lagos have pioneered solutions in education, agriculture, health, fiscal transparency and payment technology in this dynamic and restless country. 

Coronavirus: The economic consequences for Africa

As UNECA slashes its predictions for African GDP growth, Dr Desné Masie assesses the damage the pandemic is likely to cause to Africa’s economies

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At the time of writing in mid-March, Africa seems to have so far been spared the worst human impact of the coronavirus pandemic, but was already beginning to suffer the destructive economic impact of a potential global slide to recession.…

Healthcare in Africa: Public – Private Partnerships are key

As key figures, influential business people and healthcare stakeholders gather in Addis Ababa today for the launch of the African Business Coalition on Health (ABCHealth) – an initiative between the Aliko Dangote Foundation and GBCHealth, David Thomas explains why the future of healthcare in Africa lies increasingly in a mixed market approach, as governments look to ease pressure on budgets by entering public-private partnerships.…

The value of good healthcare

In Africa, governments are the biggest providers of healthcare, with an estimated 80:20 or higher ratio between government and the private sector.…