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Unclogging Africa’s cities

Many of Africa’s fast-growing cities are taking steps to reduce congestion and pollution, but the problem is becoming increasingly urgent.…

Coronavirus threatens Southern Africa’s tobacco industry

Restrictions on movement, border closures and a complete ban on cigarette sales in South Africa during lockdown are posing problems for tobacco farmers and traders in Southern Africa, as Tendai Marima reports

The sight of gloves, hand sanitisers and masks amid piles of tobacco leaves has become the new normal on the auction floors of Malawi and Zimbabwe, where a delayed selling season is underway following ongoing disruption caused by Covid-19.

Energy access and clean cooking solutions must be part of COVID-19 economic recovery plans

The response to the Covid-19 crisis must not divert the world away from reaching the climate goals, a just energy transition and an equal and inclusive society, say Eco Matser, Sheila Oparaocha and Kandeh Yumkella

The coronavirus disease (Covid-19) continues to wreak havoc around the world while exposing the vast inequalities of our global system.…