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Kenya unveils first diaspora investment fund

Kenya has introduced its first licensed investment fund for citizens living overseas, in a move that is expected to channel more of the diaspora’s money into development projects across the country.…

Market reform essential to attract private capital to energy sector

As Africa transitions towards a lower-carbon energy system, reforming market structures in order to mobilise more private capital into energy projects must be a key priority for policymakers, argues Rory Connor

Many African countries have set out ambitious proposals for transitioning to a lower-carbon energy system, particularly through expansion of renewable energy.

Private sector acquires a taste for African power

Private sector investment in Africa’s power sector is growing in leaps and bounds, as James Gavin reports

Over recent years, private investors have started to scale up their involvement in the sector.…

How is Covid-19 impacting energy investment? African Business surveys market

A survey by African Business has found that investors in Africa’s energy sector are worried about the fallout from Covid-19 but remain generally confident about the continent’s prospects

Over 50% of African energy market participants polled by African Business say that Covid-19 will have an impact on their investment strategy in 2020/2021 (see Fig 1 – to view Figs 1-6 in a separate window click here), but participants remain bullish about the prospects for renewable energy and continue to see the continent as an attractive opportunity. 

Interview: Joseph Cudjoe, Deputy Minister of Energy, Ghana

Joseph Cudjoe, Ghana’s Deputy Minister of Energy responsible for Finance and Infrastructure, tells us how he sees the country’s power sector developing in the aftermath of Covid-19

How has the Covid-19 pandemic affected Ghana’s energy demand and what measure are being taken to alleviate any financial impact for both consumers and the power sector?