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Ethiopia: Smell the roasted coffee!

Raw coffee has traditionally been Ethiopia’s main export commodity but, as James Jeffrey, finds out, modern Ethiopians have acquired what seems an insatiable taste for roasted coffee.

Having your cake and eating it

The accepted wisdom is that you can’t have economic growth and mitigate against climate change at the same time.

Ethiopia: The battle of the brewers

Ethiopia, one of the fastest growing countries in Africa, has become the arena of fierce competition among multinational beverage companies slugging it out for a bigger share of an expanding market.…

In conversation: Eleni Gabre-Madhin

With her new company, Eleni Gabre-Madhin aims to take the commodity exchange momentum that started with the Ethiopian Commodity Exchange, to the rest of Africa.…

Ethiopia: Can free be too expensive?

A US non-profit organisation aims to become a self-sustainable business selling condoms in Ethiopia, but it’s encountering competition from some unlikely and even well-intentioned sources.…

China snatches rail contract from slack UK

Ethiopia, like many other African countries, is increasingly turning to the Chinese, rather than the West, to construct its major infrastructure projects, such as railways.…