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Investments in African startups double

Despite the risks, venture capitalists and angel investors are increasingly profiting from Africa’s rapid growth and untapped opportunities.

Kribi port’s promises on hold

Cameroon’s huge deep-sea port is ready to go, but the issue of who will control the terminal remains unresolved.

WTO could block SA private security rules

The sheer size of South Africa’s private security industry and its growing role is concerning the government, which has been trying to pass a tougher law to corral the sector.

Low pupil achievement a growing concern

The next target is to address overcrowded classes, absent or unqualified teachers, poor or nonexistent materials, and curricula based around rote learning.

China-Africa flights set to increase

Over the past couple of decades, one of the symbols of China and Africa’s ever-growing relationship has been the frequent visits of high-level officials between the two regions.