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South Africa’s ANC: Brand loyalty?

Was the ANC’s sweeping election victory last month a vote of confidence in the party’s current leadership or loyalty to Nelson Mandela’s political organisation?

Speed the essence, time is money

High-frequency trading could be as perplexing to the average reader as quantum physics is to a five-year-old, but Michael Lewis does an excellent job of explaining this phenomena through the story of one young professional trader, Brad Katsuyama, in Flash Boys Cracking the Money Code.

Malawi’s economy: Zero-sum game?

Malawi is facing a very tough financial year as aid donors have decided to maintain their suspension of the country’s budgetary support.

Kenya’s economy: Running out of puff?

The economy, which was widely expected to accelerate following the general elections a year ago, has, in fact, shown a worrying stagnation over the past year.

Ghana’s real estate bonanza

Accra and Ghana’s coastal ports of Tema and Takoradi are currently experiencing an unprecedented property boom.…