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UK brings a new focus to Africa

The visit of British foreign secretary Jeremy Hunt to five African countries in April could mark the beginning of renewed efforts to cultivate trade with the continent.

How Mikosz plans to make Kenya Airways a success

After a restructuring programme aimed at reducing Kenya Airways’ $2bn debt pile, the majority state-owned airline is pursuing a strategy to once again become a competitive African carrier.…

Kenya’s budget woes

In September, the Kenyan government passed the country’s biggest ever budget.

Bookmakers bet on Kenya

Driven by the ability of firms to capitalise on technological uptake and high betting rates among the country’s youth, Kenya’s gambling market is expanding rapidly.

Closing Africa’s MSME finance gap

Africa’s micro, small and medium enterprises (MSMEs) have traditionally found it hard to acquire bank credit, but the fintech revolution is now helping to make lending to them a viable business.

Uganda: Safety first approach

‘Financial Sector Stability: Managing risk in a growing and fast-changing environment’ was the theme at this year’s annual conference of the Uganda Bankers’ Association (UBA) held in mid-July.…

Kenya: Is too much regulation stifling growth?

In July, a court temporarily suspended the implementation of a new 0.05% tax on bank transfers above Kshs500,000 ($5,000); a victory for the Kenya Bankers Association (KBA), which took the matter to court.

Kenya’s banks feel the pressure

Kenya’s finance minister, Henry Rotich, surprised the country’s banking industry in June 2018 when he announced as part of his budget that the government intended to scrap the interest rate caps imposed 22 months before.…