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The rise of grid-scale renewables in Africa

Sub-Saharan African countries, in general, have been relatively slow to embrace renewable energy, but falling costs are making it increasingly attractive in comparison with more established power sources.

Successful agricultural enterprises and smart policy: Eight case studies

From tomato  processors in Nigeria helping to reduce the country’s import bill to cooperation between governments to establish a minimum price for cocoa, Neil Ford examines some examples of cutting-edge agricultural practice from across Africa

Promagric: Tackling crop disease with AI

Despite the vigilance of farmers, crop diseases continue to exact a heavy toll on agricultural production across Africa.

Large hydro is back in fashion

The ecological benefits of hydropower and its capacity to generate a lot of electricity are contributing to a new boom in hydro schemes in Africa.

North Africa: Renewables build on existing thermal capacity

Neil Ford reports on national and regional energy transition strategies in North Africa

Both Egypt and Morocco are championing renewable energy as a pillar of future expansion of power generation, while Tunisia is also managing to attract some renewable energy investment to its much smaller market.

South Africa’s energy woes trigger rethink among neighbours

Neil Ford reports on national and regional energy transition strategies in Southern Africa

The power strategies of many Southern African states are heavily influenced by the trials and tribulations of South Africa’s state-owned power utility, Eskom, because of its role in supplying electricity to the Southern African Power Pool (SAPP) region.