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Africa still attractive to investors, says PenCom head

Portfolio flows into Africa may be falling but this marks a readjustment in the way investors interact with the continent, says Chinelo Anohu-Amazu, head of Nigeria’s National Pension Committee (PenCom). …

Investments in African startups double

Seed-stage investing is on the rise globally, accounting for 67% of all venture capital (VC) funds in North America and increasing 19-fold in Europe.

PE firms drooling over East Africa

While Africa’s private equity (PE) waters are teeming with investors of all shapes and sizes, it is the East African region, and its largest economy Kenya, which continues to attract the bulk of attention.…

What Is Private Equity?

At its simplest form, ‘private equity’ is investing in shares in companies that are not ‘public’, which means they are not listed for trading on a stock exchange.