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Power is only half the story, says Lekela CEO

Energy companies need to combine the energy impact of their work with positive economic impacts for the communities where they build their plants, says Lekela CEO Chris Antonopoulos

In the middle of December, as 2019 wound to a close, a group of engineers achieved a significant milestone in West Africa.…

What lies ahead for Africa in 2020?

African Business looks forward to 2020, with analysis of political and economic trends and predictions of what lies ahead from the region’s top economists.

Nurturing ‘grey matter’ is also infrastructure

Few Africans in the global leadership space are as instantly recognisable as the Senegalese Makhtar Diop, who as the head of the Africa Department at the World Bank over the past six years, placed the continent and its needs at the very centre of the organisation’s heart.

Mobilising domestic resources is key for development

Iearly 2015, I and several other Senegalese women business owners came together to address a gap we had seen – that of mobilising significant domestic resources to address Africa’s development needs.…

Senegal creates digital currency history

The rest of West Africa is often overlooked but it is worth considering, not least because of the growing cross-border scope of the region’s biggest banks.…