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How can Somalia avoid the ‘resource curse’?

The discovery of oil could bring great wealth to Somalia, but the country’s leaders will need to act wisely in order to ensure the benefits outweigh the downsides, writes Hakim Abdi.

Somaliland calls for talks with Somalia

Somaliland wants to reopen talks with the newly elected government of Somalia on security, economic cooperation and development, according to the autonomous region’s foreign minister.…

Is Somali piracy set to become a threat again?

Until April, the Al Kausar was just one of thousands of anonymous dhows plying the ancient maritime route between the bazaars of the Persian Gulf and the merchants of the East African coast.…

Somalia: PM Ali Kheyre sworn in amidst hope of stability

Somalia’s new prime minister, Hassan Ali Kheyre, has been sworn into office by President Mohamed Abdullahi Mohamed on Wednesday 1 March, amidst renewed hope that the security situation will improve under the new regime.…

Somali skies welcome airlines

Airspace over Somalia has been considered a no-go area by most foreign airlines for two decades, but progress on the security and political fronts is now prompting a surge in commercial flights.

Khat in Somaliland: economic cure or curse?

In Somaliland the narcotic plant khat forms the basis of an industry that generates jobs, income for the government, export revenue for Ethiopia – and much criticism. …