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Sudan’s gold: Hemedti’s untold power

The power of Mohamed “Hemedti” Hamdan Dagolo, who has led the violent suppression of demonstrators in Sudan, is based not only on leadership of a militia but also his control of valuable gold resources.

Demographic change brings down Africa’s veterans

Massive protests by the youthful populations of Algeria and Sudan have led to the downfalls of their ageing rulers, but fundamental reforms are still required in both countries

For millions of young citizens in Sudan and Algeria, the decades-long rule of presidents Omar al-Bashir and Abdelaziz Bouteflika was all they ever knew.…

Sudan: Lifeline for the banking sector

Sudan, one of the largest countries in the heart of Africa, has been struggling to stay afloat economically since the US imposed crippling trade and investment sanctions in 1997.…