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Unclogging Africa’s cities

Many of Africa’s fast-growing cities are taking steps to reduce congestion and pollution, but the problem is becoming increasingly urgent.…

Energy access and clean cooking solutions must be part of COVID-19 economic recovery plans

The response to the Covid-19 crisis must not divert the world away from reaching the climate goals, a just energy transition and an equal and inclusive society, say Eco Matser, Sheila Oparaocha and Kandeh Yumkella

The coronavirus disease (Covid-19) continues to wreak havoc around the world while exposing the vast inequalities of our global system.…

Can Africa keep up with global trends in clean energy?

Africa cannot afford to be left behind in the global transition to renewable energy, but many challenges lie in its way, says Dianna Games

As efforts to combat climate change gather momentum, the developed world is in high gear about how to cool global warming.…

‘A partnership between banks and fintechs is a win-win situation’

Standard Chartered’s Regional CEO Sunil Kaushal talks to Dianna Games about Africa’s prospects for growth in 2020, the bank’s sustainability strategy and how it is capitalising on digital trends

Standard Chartered is optimistic about the opportunities for growth in 2020 and beyond as it moves into a future-ready space, embracing sustainable finance and digital banking alongside other profitable enterprise.