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Five more years? Business prepares for Magufuli’s second term

Tanzania’s President John Magufuli has gained a negative reputation for his treatment of international investors and his controversial approach to the Covid-19 pandemic, but does the criticism conceal real progress in the economy since he took office in 2015?

Secrecy fuels forex worries in Tanzania

The secrecy that has surrounded Tanzania’s controversial approach to tackling the Covid-19 pandemic – the country has not released national statistics since 29 April – appears to have extended to its management of the country’s foreign reserves.

Covid-19 hits East African agri value chains

While agriculture provides food and income security to more than half of the population in developing countries, the opportunities are mostly low paying with poor working conditions.…

East African Community battles trade disruption

The East African Community is one of Africa’s most integrated regional blocs, but the Covid-19 pandemic has caused massive disruption to both its internal and external trade.

Tanzania risks pariah status in Covid-19 response

Tanzania’s disregard of global best practice in the fight against Covid-19 is impacting negatively on its international relations and causing alarm at home, as Tom Collins reports

Every Sunday John Magufuli visits the local church in his hometown of Chato in Tanzania’s northwestern region.