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EAC chips away at telecoms barriers

The removal of telephony barriers within the East African community has the potential for transformation across the continent.

High-speed broadband moves inland

Africa’s access to international bandwidth has never been higher – and investors are looking to take it beyond the coastal regions.

Rwanda to host world’s first droneport

Pilotless cargo drones will deliver urgent supplies or medicines to inaccessible remote areas and provide an affordable alternative to road transport

Tech companies step up terror fight

With the spread of mobile phones and the internet, many believe technology could be a crucial tool in gathering intelligence and disseminating information in emergencies. Over …

Building Africa’s bio-hub

Could a tiny island in the Indian Ocean become a centre of biotechnology research and development for the continent?Mauritius is perhaps best known for its …

Coding their way out of crime

A new initiative is trying to turn around South Africa’s dire reoffending rate by teaching prison inmates to code. South Africa has the biggest prison population …