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The UK’s trade and investment priorities in Africa with Emma Wade-Smith

Listen to African Business Podcast 12: the UK’s Trade and Investment priorities in Africa with Emma-Wade Smith 

Podcast host Desné Masie was delighted to welcome our special guest for Episode 12, Emma Wade-Smith, Her Majesty’s trade commissioner for Africa to discuss the UK government’s trade and investment priorities in Africa post-Brexit, and the private sector support the Department for International Trade DIT) is extending for UK businesses operating on the African continent in light of the Covid-19 pandemic. …

Africa nervously eyes Trump’s trade war

After a phony war stretching to the earliest days of his presidency, Donald Trump fired off the loudest salvo yet in his trade battle with China in July.

Tariffs exacerbate US-South Africa rift

Four years into a presidency rich in bilateral visits, US President Barack Obama and his entourage finally landed in South Africa in June 2013.

Big read: Is Africa’s free trade area a pipe dream?

Six long years after the African Union’s decision to establish an African free trade area, policymakers met in Kigali this March to put their signatures to the most ambitious pact in the continent’s history.…